Bringing culture back to the soil


West Coast Cultures


Branding • Packaging • Web Design


Audrey Khuner

California-based West Coast Cultures came to us in need of  a brand identity, a website, and a marketing strategy to launch their first product, LactoCulture, a soil inoculant which helps roots absorb nutrients. During discovery, we quickly honed in on West Coast Culture's core essence: the amazing wild-caught cultures that founder, Noah Twitchell, was brewing in his lab. We dove into design celebrating the science, purity, and power of the product and the brand.

Amelia's enthusiasm and dedication to the project was exceptional. I felt from start to finish that she was sincerely concerned with the success of our company. Her ability to take our original ideas and not be afraid to implement and redirect the course of things when needed, made the whole process very rewarding. Amelia was also able to help tremendously with finding ways to accomplish parts of our project that fell outside the scope of the original work we had asked of her, connecting us with a much needed copywriter and a local printing company. Amelia is organized, driven, and an artist in the most professional sense.”