Small business made visual

Berkeley Bites

Chef Ron is a charismatic and boisterous man with a great sense of humor. We captured his larger-than-life personality in an illustration of his face, complete with his signature mustache and thick-rimmed glasses.



Remedy Salon

Remedy Salon needed a brand that spoke to their creativity and skills, and one that fit the loft inspired architecture of the Emeryville, CA location. The nest of bobby pins represents chaos coming to order (much like your hair before and after your visit).



Nardinelli & Bryant

N&B needed branding for their house painting business. The design reflects sophistication, artisanship, and a knack color—the traits that set Nardinelli & Bryant apart.



Regarding Susan Sontag Film Project

Regarding Susan Sontag is a feature-length HBO documentary on the brilliant critic, novelist, director, and activist. For the film’s identity system, we wanted to reflect both the boldness of Sontag’s work and the cultural importance of her thought. We chose quotes that express her ideas about topics like illness, photography, war, and writing. The quotes themselves became the imagery; making a powerful statement, both visually and intellectually, much like Sontag herself.